Too Much Sauce 

     Future is one of the busiest people in the hip-hop/rap industry right now! I know I’m not the only one who still play’s at least two songs off “DS2” everyday? “Purple Reign” has a bunch of bangers, too. “What a Time To Be Alive”, his collaboration with Drake, was everything I expected it to be. “Project E.T.”, another mixtape he released two weeks ago with DJ Esco is crazy too! He really has too much sauce. To know me is to know, I love this man! He’s constantly working hard and putting out new music for his fans. Sadly, I have yet to see him in concert. From word-of-mouth and what I’ve seen from videos, he’s a great performer. One of the things I love most about Future is he always keeps us on our toes; he may throw a few titles up in the air but we never know exactly what he has going on. 

     For the past few weeks, Future has been posting about Reebok, giving us an idea that something may be in the works. The moment I saw the photo of him on stage at one of his shows, with Reebok sneakers on, I knew! I was extremely excited to hear about Future’s partnership. This is Reebok’s second partnership with a rapper; the first was with one of the greatest of our time, in my eyes,  Kendrick Lamar. From Future to Todd Krinsky’s, Reebok’s Global Vice President, comments they are both very happy about this partnership. Future brings a certain spark of energy that is great for this company. We’ve all seen the sneakers Future had on his Instagram, but other than that, no other merchandise has been displayed. Is it only sneakers? Will clothing be included too? I’m anxious to see what Future and Reebok put together! Stay tuned 😀

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