Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Campaign

     Wednesday morning, Calvin Klein revealed its fall 2016 ad campaign. Calvin Klein is very well-known company in the fashion industry. Their lingerie and underwear play a big role in their business. Everyone knows how popular Calvin Klein’s campaigns are too; always including a broad range of people, from all walks of life. For their fall 2016 campaign, there are twenty-nine different celebrities in their Calvin’s. I love the diversity throughout the campaign. They have models, musicians, rappers, actor/actress, and more wearing their Calvins. You’ll see below I put together just a few of my favorites!

I love Frank so much! He’s super talented and creative BUT I really need him to drop his new album, like today!

Zoë Kravitz is so bad ass to me! She looks exactly like her mom; so beautiful!

I never knew this was Lauryn Hill’s daughter! 

Kate Moss is literally an icon, so what else can I say about her?

It’s dope that Mo’Ne Davis is in this campaign. This is extremely big for someone her age and she’s an inspiration for young girls, especially young black girls, all around the world.

As much as I’m not a huge fan of his music, I included Younb Thug in my favorites because his style and music are very trendy right now; everyone loves him!

When this ad was released, this was my first time hearing about Raenee Sydney, but she looks so cool and weird, in a good way. 

Sonoya Mizuno’s ad is different from the rest and shows off another Calvin Klein piece. 

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