More Issues Than Vogue

More Issues Than Vogue

Is it really Thursday already? Thanks to the holiday on Monday, this week has been flying by! I wanted to create a look that incorporated a big trend right now, these clear boots that I’m seeing everywhere right now. I have seen these boots on so many different sites, in so many different colors. In my mind, they remind me of rain boots but fancy, cute, and with a heel. These boots are definitely more fashion-forward then rain boots will EVER be, but essentially they are both plastic footwear. I’ve seen them dressed down, as well as dressed up! This trend is really dope because there is such a variation in colors but also, I’ve always seen glitter, confetti, and other things located inside the heel for everyone to see. One time I saw a bunch of Barbie heads inside one, which is mind blowing! That’s very creative and unique. 

White top

Dsquared2 pants
$255 –

Clear heel shoes
$51 –

Fendi leather handbag
$1,210 –

Kate spade earrings

Rolex silver jewellery

Tom Ford sunglasses

Tech accessory

New Look ball cap
$10 –

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