If I Ruled The World…Imagine That

      If I ruled the world, imagine that! The world would be pretty dope if I ruled it, actually; just my opinion though. The other day someone said to me, “there will never be a rapper like Nas.” That somewhat hurt my heart but I also strongly agree. The way rap is now-a-days, rappers don’t rap like how he did in the past. I’m thinking about how real this is as I’m listening to “Cherry Wine” featuring Amy Winehouse (rest in peace), as someone is driving by blasting “Panda” by Desiigner. Nas is one of my favorites rappers. But wait, I just have one question to ask, why is this man is so gorgeous? It’s seriously not even funny how fine he is. He’s literally the same age as my parents, but looks like he’s 25!

     I thought it was very appropriate to where this t-shirt after that conversation about Nas. I remember seeing this t-shirt in H&M and immediately searching for my size. This shirt is from the men’s section but of course that did not stop me one bit! “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)” featuring Lauryn Hill is one of those songs that’ll never get old to me. The video still has me memorized. So there was no hesitation in my mind, men or women clothing, I needed this shirt. This is how sickening I am, when I put this skirt on this morning I popped off the tag; this skirt is from Forever21 in 2014. It’s so cute and girly, I have no idea why I have never worn it. 

     I know I always say this but when I actually get my life together and  dress cute, I ultimately am in a much better mood! All I wanted to do today, was walk into corporate America, and be myself. I dress appropriately for my job but i stay true to me, be professional, and handle business all while blasting Nas in my headphones in the elevator. 

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