LA on My Mind

     YG’s sophomore album “Still Brazy” was technically released on Friday, June 17th but Apple Music start streaming it on Wednesday, the 15th. In my opinion, I could care less if YG is a Blood; his music is hot and there’s no denying it. He’s talented! Him being involved in one of the largest gangs in LA has caused a lot of people in the business world to question if he’s truly marketable. There are so many rappers who are gang affiliated like Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Wayne, and The Game, for example, just to name a few. His first album, “My Krazy Life”, which was released in 2014 was one of my top five favorite albums that year. I listen to AT LEAST three songs off that album one a daily basis and can still play the album straight through without skipping a song. The intro of “My Krazy Life” was his mom talking about his life and on “Still Brazy” he reversed it and had his dad start it off. I had a strong feeling that his sophomore album would be far from a disappointment and I was right! I’ve been listening to it everyday. It always makes me happy when I can hear the growth in artists through their albums and this is definitely the case. There are songs like “Twist My Fingaz” that give me this 80-90s Snoop/Dr. Dre West Coast vibe and I love it so much! “Police Get Away With Murder” and “FDT” are two songs with really great content! YG really wowed me with this album and I can’t wait to see what awards he wins from this album! He definitely deserves something. 

From the moment I listened to “Summer on Sunset” on Friday when it was released, I’ve been ready to book a flight to LA and just got out there to relax in the sun and get away to from NY. Wale literally made me feel like this is where I need to be for a little bit; just a quick get away. Oh Wale, I love this man so much! A lot of people talk so much trash about him BUT I’ve been a huge fan of his music since “Attention Defecit”. A big part of it has to do with the fact that he’s a rapper/singer but extremely poetic and that makes my heart smile! I’m never going to forget, maybe a month ago, he was on Snapchat at 2am reciting a poem he wrote and I just kept replaying it. His lyrics make me actually think. He says things that I really feel, in a way that’s so dreamy, to me; it’s definitely the poet in me that keeps him near and dear to my heart. This mixtape is dope! First of all, THE COVER! The cover brought back so many memories of when I was younger playing GTA (Grand Theft Auto) in my cousins basement. Creativity will always win my heart and I’m pretty sure he probably put a lot of time into coming up with something so dope! Between this and “Still Brazy”, this is all I’ve been playing this weekend. The feels I get off this mixtape are just so chill and I can just vibe out! It’s hard for me to choose but if I had to pick my top five favorites off the mixtape, they would be “LAX”, “Publising Checks”, “Day by the Pool”, “Drunk and Conceited”, and “Ms. Moon.” If you haven’t listened, please do your ears and heart a big favor & do so! 

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