A Poet’s Job is Never Done

     Last night I took a leap of faith and went to a poetry slam for the second time! I’ve been writing poetry since I was in elementary school. There are three notebooks in my parents basement, filled with poems. I stopped writing for a while and then picked up again when I moved to NY. The poem I read last night was lengthy and personal; personal in the sense that I was expressing feelings that I NEVER share with anyone. I tried to memorize the poem but I messed up a few times, stumbled over a few words, but that’s okay. I was super nervous before I performed; reminding myself, nobody (besides my friends) in here knows me, so who cares! The crowd was laughing at a few funny lines I said and girls were clapping and saying “Yasss”. Overall it was just a really good night and feeling I had afterwards! Besides feeling really good about everything, I thought I looked pretty cute too! As I browsed in my closet with clothes that still have tags on them,I realized I only wore this skirt once; that needed to change. I figured why not do something fun with it! I knew I was going to the poetry slam and I know for me personally, when I dress really cute, my attitude is so much better. I’m just in an amazing mood! My curls didn’t come out the way I wanted them too, at all but my naturals understand me. I threw together a look that mixed a little tomboy from the Vans with girly. The details are below: 

Denim Button Down : Forever21 

Black Tulle Skirt : Bloomingdales 

Hello Kitty Sneakers : Vans 

Hoop Earrings & Purse : Aldo 

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