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Manus x Machina ~ Fashion in an Age of Technology

Going to see the Manus x Machina ~ Fashion in an Age of Technology exhibit at the Metrpolitan Museum of Art can now be checked off of my June goal list. It shouldn’t have taken me this long to go see this exhibit but I’m glad I finally went yesterday. This is defintiely, by far, the best exhibit I have ever been to. Since I love fashion, I was literally amazed by all the beautiful, creative gowns showcased at this exhibit. Below are just a few of some of my favorite gowns, the designer, and other details. If you haven’t been and you live for fashion, I highly suggest you to go visit the MET.

House Of Chanel

Wedding Ensemble – Autumn/Winter 2014-15, haute couture  

Walking into the exhibit, this is the first gown you see. So many people were standing around it, astonished. When they announced the theme, right before the MET Gala, I kept seeing photos of this gown but seeing it in person was jaw-dropping. This extravagant gown is from House of Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld describes this gown as being “haute couture without the couture.” Made from a scuba knit, silk satin, hand embrodiered buttons with glass, gold, and crystals; This is definielty something you dont have see ebveryday.

Gareth Pugh

Dress – Autumn/winter 2015-16, prêt-a-porter

This is the first dress I mention whenever someone asks me how the exhibit was. It just blows my mind that this is made from DRINKING STRAWS! It just looks so dope to me. That’s super creative and I stared for so long in astonishment. There was also a dress made with the same silhouette but with clear straws.

Maiko Takeda

“Atmosphere Reentry” Headpiece and Bolero 2013

Alexander McQueen

Dress – Spring/summer 2012, prêt-a-porter

As soon as I saw the gown on the right, I instantly thought to myself, If I could I would rock this dress! I’m not too sure where I would wear it but I love everything about this gown. The color is just perfect for spring/summer. Made of glass beads, pearls, coral, and dyed shells, this gown is defintiely one of a kind.

Saint Laurent 

Wedding Ensemble – Spring/summer 1999, prêt-a-porter

I love this so much but I need to know if someone would actually wear this to their wedding? This gives me Flower Child vibes to the fullest. I’m not always a girlie girl but this makes me want to just be out in the nature, living freely.

Louis Vuitton Co.

Dress – Spring/summer 2012, prêt-a-porter

I just loved the nude/pale pink colors all these dresses. The designers ranged from Alexander McQueen to Giambattista Valli (one of my favs).

Iris Van Herpen

My eyes grew so wide when I saw the middle dress! The whole thing is laser-cut patent leather to tulle. Just by looking at it, you can tell a lot was put into making this dress. It just looks so bad-ass and fierce! I can only imagine what I would look like one, OMG!

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