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Protect Yo Heart

     Since I’ve moved to NY, I’ve seen this message, spray painted in different colors, on random sidewalks throughout the city. So many different thoughts have ran across my mind each time I see this message but usually it’s short lived. This specific “protect yo heart” was just placed on my street this week! On my way to the train this morning, I snapped this photo and pondered the question to myself all day, “Amirah, are you protectin’ yo heart?” The honest answer is no, unfortunately I don’t think I have been. 

     The thing about me is, I have a really big heart. My whole time in high school people would say I came off mean but once they got to know me, they were able to see that I was a really friendly, cool, talkative, and down-to-Earth person. I don’t know if that first impression still applies but I’ve been working on it! I’m really not mean, unless you push me there. To know me is to know, if you need me I’m always here for you; whether it be 3am or 3pm, just call me! I’ve given people money, money that I’ll probably never see again in life but that’s cool because I did it because I knew they needed it. If I’m on my last dollar and you need money, I’ll give you fifty cents without a doubt. I’m smart enough not to let myself go broke because I need money too but I’ll help you in any way I possibly can. That’s just how I’ve always been, especially with the people near and dear to my heart. 

     The older I’ve gotten though I’ve noticed people often will try to take advantage of a good person. While asking myself today the question of if I’m protectin’ my heart, I thought about a few different things. 1) I try to ALWAYS see the good in people. Three is my lucky number and some people have been given over three chances to get it right and still prove me wrong! My mom has told me so many times, “when someone shows you how they are, believe them!” She has never steered me wrong, ever. I’m finally sitting here accepting what she has told me so many times before. 2) I’ve gone out of my way, just out of the kindness of my heart & have received lack of appreciation from it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do nice things to get people to notice, I just do it naturally. That’s just how my heart is set up but once you start doing things for people, and the tables are turned and they’re no where to be found, that’s where the problem lies. My Bestfriend recently said to me, “stop giving all you goodness to people who don’t deserve it.” She too was so right! 

     One of my favorite lines to say to people is, “do better.” When I’m really the one who needs to do better at protectin’ my heart! So I’m saying this to myself and you as well, let go of those negative vibes and negative people. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on people who could care less about your feelings. Life is way too short and beautiful for that type of nonsense.


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