Ayesha Curry x Freshly Picked 

All photos courtesy of Freshly Picked

Ayesha Curry, the wife of Golden State Warriors Steph Curry and mother of two beautiful little girls, has collaborated with Freshly Picked to design a collection of baby moccasins. The Curry’s have worked with Freshly Picked in the past; their oldest daughter, Riley, has modeled their moccasins. It’s so cute to me how each of the three moccasin color ways that Ayesha has designed, has some type of special ties to their family. The Mint Chip were inspired by Ayesha’s favorite ice cream, Pink Lemonade for Steph’s favorite drink, and of course they had to do a pair that went with the Golden State Warriors colors! I’m always amazed by the creative things people come up with, especially when it comes to kids clothes and shoes. Whenever I see pictures of Ayesha, she’s always smiling and looking happy with her kids and husband. She doesn’t seem like the “basketball wives” we are use to seeing on tv and reality shows. If I had a daughter, I would definitely have to get a pair! The Mint Chip are my favorite of her collection, which isn’t much of surprise because one of my favorite ice cream flavors is Mint Chocolate Chip! They are priced at $60 a pair and can be found exclusively at freshly

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