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Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour

     I’m not even sure where I should start about last night. Yesterday would have been the Notorious B.I.G’s birthday so Diddy had the second Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour concert in Brooklyn at the Barclay’s Center.  This is the ONLY picture I was able to get of myself last night. I wish I could have shown you guys my whole look but the way the Barclay’s Center was set up, there were so many people! Also, I noticed sometimes when I’m having such a good time out I’ll forget to take pictures because I’m so caught up in the moment and enjoying myself; I end up being mad the next day when I realize I only have one picture from the night before though.  

     I can’t even say who performed the best last night because I loved every minute of it! Jay-Z is my favorite rapper and I’ve always said his concert was the best I’ve ever been to but I’m not sure now. This Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour was literally everything and more. I was so hype to see Carl Thomas. “Summer Rain” and “Emotional” are two of my favorite songs. His album is one of the albums you tell your kids about because it was that amazing and he still sounded like he did back then! 112 also performed and did an amazing job. I’m sorry, I know my pictures aren’t the best quality but Faith Evans was still hitting those high notes and doing her thing! The Lox  KILLED IT. I was so anxious to see them perform, especially when they performed “We Gone Make It” and “All About The Benjamin’s”. Both songs get me so hype. It really brought me back to my younger days (like I’m not still young but you get my point).

     Above, was one of my highlights of the concert, when DMX came out. I was not expecting it but it really made my night. The energy that was felt when he came out was crazy! Swizz Beatz  was also on stage with him, by his side, hyping him up, being as great friend, which was a good sight. Total performed a lot of their hits which made the crowd go crazy. Anyone who knows me knows I am one of Fabolous biggest fans. I love this man, his style, his music, EVERYTHING! When he came out last night I think I died and came back to life. I was screaming at the top of lungs. I’ve been saying for years I have to see this man perform, one way or another. Even though it wasn’t his own concert, the fact that I was able to see him perform two songs, made my night. 

     Mary J. Blige’s music always does something to me! You can just automatically feel the realness of what she’s saying. “Be Happy” is one of my favorite MJB songs, which she performed last night. Whenever I hear it, I instantly get in my feelings and sing my heart out. I don’t care what anyone says, MJB’s dance moves are hilarious! She was dancing as usual and the crowd was hyping her up to keep going! Lil’ Kim was another person I was excited to see. She’s just legendary, regardless of the physical work she’s gotten done. She went hard on all her songs, which was expected. 

     All in all, the energy Diddy and the Bad Boy Family gave off filled the Barclay’s Center and made everyone enjoy their time there. If I could replay the night, I would. I’ll just watch the twenty plus videos I took instead. Since they announced they will be going on tour, besides Brooklyn, if you have the chance to get a ticket, get it! 

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