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What Saturday’s Are All About!

My Mom-Mom always tells me to keep my head up, at all time. The only reason I ever look down is to make sure my outfit is cooperating for a good photo! This was yet another successful weekend. Yesterday, I went to what was supposed to be a brunch, that in actuality turned into an event lacking any kind of organization. My soon-to-be roommate told me about it. I met up with her and her friends not too far from the venue. I try my hardest to see the good in every situation, so by talking, eating, drinking, and meeting new people, we made the most out of the what the event was intended to be.

The weather has clearly been playing with my emotions lately. For some reason I just hoped, wished, and assumed it would be a nice day; well that was a lie. I would have rather not worn the denim button down underneath, but the way the wind was set up in the city, it was very necessary. The t-shirt I have on is one of my favorites! I got it from Zara a year ago. I remember I wore it the first day of Spring semester of senior year in college. It’s suppose to be mocking the “Nutrition Facts” label you’d find on your food container. Instead, this is “Fashion Facts”, which lists Outfit of the Day, Shopping, Chic, Red Lips, Shoes, Classy, and more. This t-shirt just exemplifies a big part of my life so there was no way I could possibly have just left it sitting there at Zara. My lipstick is my very first bold color, Candy Yum-Yum by MAC. I first saw this color while watching Wendy Williams with my mom and we both liked the color a lot! It’s has a matte finish and is very similar to Flat Out Fabulous but Candy Yum-Yum is more neon. The details of my outfit was listed below:

Black Vest: courtesy of my jobs donation box 🙂

Denim Button Down : Forever21

T-Shirt : Zara

Jeans : H&M

Sandals : Aldo

Lipstick : Candy Yum-Yum by MAC Cosmetics

Earrings : Aldo

Tote: Aldo (I completely forgot I had this!)


No where on my resume will you find that I’m a comedian but to know me is to know I love making people laugh. If we can’t joke around and laugh a good majority of the time we’re together, I will gladly have no choice but to remove you from my life. I’m always down for a good laugh! One of my most famous motto’s is, “laughing is good for the soul”, and I whole-heartedly believe that. Whenever I’m going through a rough patch or feeling down and out, I know laughing and keeping a smile on my face will help me get through whatever I may be dealing with. I also try to do this when the people closest to me aren’t in their best head space, unless I know for sure they need to be left alone. A good joke never hurt anyone though, right?


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