Arm Candy 

   There a few pieces of jewelry that you’ll see me wearing on a regular basisThey mean a lot to me because of who it was given to me by or the meaning behind it. The gold bangle and the gold knotted heart bracelet about were given to me by my Mom-Mom. We don’t always see eye to eye but she means well and I love her a bunch, so everyday I wear these two bracelets she gave me while I was living with her and my Pop-Pop. She also gave me the garnet ring, which is my birthstone! That ring belonged to my great-grandmother. I very rarely take this ring off! The ring on my middle finger has been mentioned in one of my previous posts; Its by ReeseBDesigns. It caught my eye at an event I went to last month because it’s so edgy!  

Please, do not mind my lovebug tattoo! Believe me, this tattoo has a lot of meaning behind it and this was my second tattoo at the tender age of 19. I need to find a dope tattoo artist in NYC to touch it up and make it pop, stand out! Anyway, let’s get to the jewelry. I’ll get to the watch in a minute but my pearls are just a bunch that I got in a pack along with other bangles from H&M. I’ve had them for years! My other bracelets are Alex & Ani. My Bestfriend gave me the “Bestfriend, Puzzle Piece, and Path of Life” ones. They all are very special to me but the puzzle piece really means a lot because one of my brothers has Autisim. The puzzle piece is the Autisim awareness symbol. I also have another Alex & Ani bracelet that one of my aunts gave me. It says “Like a Daughter”. My aunt doesn’t have any kids and my whole life she’s treated me like a daughter. I think she’s a big reason why I love to shop; that’s what we do 90% of the time she comes to visit but I can’t complain!

Last but not least, my Ottimo watch and armor-style ring. A week before Christmas, one of my aunts passed away from pancreatic cancer. When I say my aunt was a true shopaholic, I’m not playing! That was definitely her favorite hobbie. She had jewelry she had worn, as well as some with the tags still on. Both pieces of jewelry belonged to her. I love the iridescent face of the watch! The rusted look of the band gives it a vintage feel. The ring, I get compliments on this more than I do any other piece of jewelry I own! It looks just like a knights armor. I wear this ring at least 6 days out of the week. I’ve never seen a ring quite like this before and it bends. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to be the person in my family to rock it for my aunt! 

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