One of my favorite hobbies is shopping! Everybody who knows me knows I have a serious shopping problem. I have clothes that still have tags on them and I’ll justify a new purchase by saying “I don’t gave a thing in that color though!”. When I get dressed, whatever the occasion may be, I need options. It’s important for me to be able to pick out a few different looks and then make a choice! 

   The older I get the more I appreciate a good, comfortable shoe! I’ve bought some shoes that hurt my feet so bad but looked amazing; never again! Comfort is everything, especially depending on where I’m going in them. 

   These four sandals are just a few of my favorites, two are just patiently waiting to be worn. The two on the ends are Steve Madden and the two in the middle are Aldo. Aldo has some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever bought! From sandals to flats, I can literally wear them for hours at end without wanting to change. Steve Madden shoes are more funky and stylish. You wear them when you know for sure that you will be sitting down for the night. 

   For graduation I wore my favorite navy blue snake skin bold strappy sandals from Steve Madden. Every time I wear them I get a bunch of compliments. Comfort wise, these shoes are no joke and my mom told me I better not fall on the stage at graduation! Luckily I was sitting for a good portion of the graduation ceremony but afterwards I ran to the car and took them off.  

   I’m always looking for a good deal when searching for shoes! All of these, except the navy blue snake sandals, were bought on some type of discount. Those lime green ones might just be my new favorites. Once I wear them out I’ll be able to give you a definite answer but they looked so beautiful on and felt just perfect to walk in! The rope wraps around the leg, which I love. I get so excited just looked at them. 

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