Long Lost Letterman Jacket

   I completely forgot all about this letterman jacket! I’ve had it for forever from Forever21 but when I moved a lot of goodies got left in Philly. Last week I was thinking about finding a dope letterman jacket. They’re perfect for days like today, just to throw on with jeans and sneakers. I honestly don’t think letterman jackets will ever go out of style, for the simple fact that they are classic! Men, women, and kids all look good in one. 

   For my hair, I did a good ol’ wash n go. Wash n go’s are extremely convenient but this is my first time doing on since winter is over. The spring and summer means bouncy, fluffy hair. Before I went to sleep last night I knew there’s was no way I would be doing knots or twists; I was exhausted! This is morning I woke up earlier than usual so I could wash my hair. Using coconut oil,  my favorite SheaMoisture products, and Eco Styler gel, this is the result! 

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