School Teacher 

I got absolutely no sleep last night. Anybody who knows me knows that’s a regular thing though. I woke up with no idea as to what I was going to wear today. The first thing that popped in my mind, Amirah do you any meetings today? That question always helps to determine what I’m going to wear. Apparently, I ended up dressing like a school teacher. All day at work I’ve been hearing I look like a school teacher or very studious. I’m perfectly cool with that! 

   As you can see, I’ve taken my braids out. I missed my natural hair, so last night I did Bantu knots and rocked out. I’ve been searching high and low throughout my room looking for these glasses. They aren’t prescription; my vision is actually amazing. I finally happened to find them at my grandparents house in Philly, along with a bunch of other clothes, handbags, and accessories that I left behind before I moved to NY. I just love the shape and two-tone color of the frame of these glasses. I wish I could tell you where I got these from but I’ve had them for almost five years now, so I don’t remember. They were just a fun, quick, and stylish purchase. 

   I just picked up this faux suede blue jacket from my job two weeks ago. I love it! It’s extremely light and goes with a lot of pieces in my closet. This classic white button down is from ASOS. My skirt is from Forever21. My shoes have literally been through so much since I’ve gotten them almost of year ago from Aldo but one thing I can say is that they haven’t ripped yet (knocks on wood) and are still comfortable! 

   Whenever I get dressed, and don’t look like a slob, I feel so much better. I’m in a much better mood and good vibes are important. I’m just trying to work hard, enjoy life, and be happy! 

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