At 9pm last night Beyoncé debuted her Lemonade special on HBO. She had to drop something for us since her tour starts soon. I knew for sure I wouldn’t be home to kick back on my couch and watch it but thank God I forget to cancel my free-trial with Tidal after Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo” was released ! I tried so hard to stay off my social media accounts until it went off but I saw a few tweets and knew Queen Bey didn’t disappoint. As soon as it went off, Tidal had it up, ready for me! Presentation is key and she definitely delivered, with amazing visuals but what’s new?

   Since last night, I may have watched/listened to Lemonade a good twenty times. First off, let me just say that black women are so magical. I LOVE US! I love, appreciate, and respect that she had black women of all shades in this visual album. Our melanin really is on fleek; don’t let anyone tell you different. From light to dark to everything in between, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL AND DOPE!  

   In this Lemonade storyline, I feel like Beyoncé is saying she’s human just like everyone else. Her relationship isn’t perfect, her family isn’t perfect, she’s not perfect, but regardless of that she still has emotions and is equal to us. Just like Rihanna, Bey gave her fans something they weren’t expecting and still killed it! She even has a country song on this album. Who would have expected that? I’ve seen a few people who’ve said they don’t like Lemonade but I think it’s great that Beyoncé switched it up a little. Her presentation is amazing and that’s what keeps people coming back. 

   “Hold Up”, “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, “Sorry”, “Love Drought”, “Freedom”, and “All Night” are definitely my favorites. During “Hold Up”, she’s swinging her bat around, breaking things, with the biggest smile on her face. This made me want to go out and do the same exact thing because I understood  exactly what she was saying and feeling in that song. It’s crazy how you can feel like an artist knew your whole entire life when writing a song; like it was personally written for you.  When I first saw the part for “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, I said I need every piece of this outfit in my closet, now. Bey really snapped on that song and I’m so here for it! She’s actually making extremely valid points and speaking some real life facts. 

   This morning I was running errands and had the car speakers on the highest volume with “Sorry” on repeat. I know people were looking at me crazy because I was jammin so hard; waving my hands and everything! Seeing her girls on the bus with their tribal printed bodies and Serena Williams twerkin’, it was too much greatness for my heart to deal with.  Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and a few more black men whose lives were take way too soon, were featured in her song “Freedom” which included Kendrick Lamar. 

  I just would like to thank Queen Bey for blessing my ears once again. This is amazing, she’s untouchable, and this is another piece of greatness. 

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