Yesterday we lost another legend in music, Prince! When I heard the news, I had to text my parents. Like I mentioned when Phife from A Tribe Called Quest passed, my mom played Prince all the time when I was younger. Naturally, I grew up listening and enjoying his music as well. I really couldn’t believe it! These are the times when we all should keep in mind that celebrities are humans too. Ever since yesterday, all day I’ve been playing his music. From When Doves Cry, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Adore, Purple Rain, Raspberry Baret, Purple Rain, and so many more hits! He literally was a musicial genius and inspired so many of my favorite artists today. Talib Kweli had me crying happy tears yesterday while he tweeted about the various times he’s talked to Prince. I really just kept saying, “no not Prince.” I’ve read a few articles and supposedly he had the flu right before he passed so the complications may have lead to his death. He was only 57 years old. 

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