Welcome Spring! 

  Today I am welcoming spring in with open arms! Knowing that I didn’t need a jacket today was a great feeling. I went to Chick-Fil-A and then sat on my jobs rooftop to eat my lunch. If you haven’t been out, please go; just to get a breath of fresh air! It feels amazing out. Even though the temperatures won’t be as nice as today the rest of the week, this little tease has me so excited for the spring and summer weather to come! Below you’ll be able to see the details of my look. Check it out! 
Top : Olive Scalloped Hem Crop from TopShop
Skirt : Oxbood Midi from ASOS
Booties : Kenneth Cole 
Necklace : My aunt & uncle got me this as a gift from Cape Town, South Africa. I can’t wait to travel the world soon and bring my family back gifts.
Bracelets : They are all my usual everyday ones. I either bought them or they were gifts from my loved ones 
Rings : My one ring is my birthstone, a Garnet, which belonged to my great-grandmom and was given to me by my grandmother! My other ring is an armor looking ring. My aunt passed away in December from cancer and had so much jewelry. Everyday I wear at least one piece of her jewelry and this ring is one of my favorites. My last ring is by Reesebdesigns. I met her at the PurposefullyPretty Inc. event I went to on Saturday. She designs bow ties, clutches, rings, and more. I absolutely loved her work so I needed to support! 


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