Catch Me If You Can

This was my look yesterday! As mentioned before, I am in no shape or form a beauty expert. When I go to events thought, I try to try new things. Yesterday I attempted to do a “smokey eye” type of look. I used one of Sephora’s eyeshadow palettes. My lipstick is 895 On Fire Red by Mabelline. I used Bittersweet lipliner by MAC to tone down the brightness of the lipstick. My pearls are just simple pearls that I probably picked up from H&M or Forever21 just to have a pair for special occasions. My necklace is from a store in King of Prussia Mall, on the outskirts of Philadelphia. I always get compliments on this piece. Statement necklaces are so important because they can definitely make a simple outfit. 

These are my favorite heels, ever. With that being said, I know I’ve talked about them on here before but they were $90 at Aldo and I was eyeing them for weeks. I could not stop thinking about these shoes and the price wasn’t bad but I wanted it to go down some more. Finally, I was visiting these new outlet stores by my parents house and I saw them at the Aldo Outlet! They had been reduced all the way down to $30. There was no way I couldn’t get these! 

My top is black crop top from Zara. I love Zara but sometimes my sizing with them is a hit or miss. Depending on what it is I’m buying from there, I’m a small or medium. Solid color crops are so essential  because you literally can do so much wth them; skirts, jeans, pants, or whatever your heart desires. I’ve been looking for the perfect black vest and low & behold, my job had one that they were going to give away for donation. I snatched it up for quick! Initially, it had fur around the collar but you can take it off which is great for this time of the year. My pants are from my favorite retailer, ASOS. The color is a blend between grey and blue. They’re high waisted and I wear them to work sometimes, or to special events like yesterday. Again, yesterday was a good day! I felt good and looked good too 🙂 


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