A few weeks ago when going to First Saturday at The Brooklyn Museum, my Bestfriend and I walked past an organic smoothie truck. We’ve been trying to eat better and get ready for Summer 16′ so why not give it a try? They had a wide variety of smoothies to try from but I chose their “Stamina Smoothie”. The smoothie contained almond milk, peanut butter, bananas, and cashews. I promise you guys, this was the best smoothie I had ever tasted in my life. Last night when I went food shopping I decided to get the ingredients to make it someday this week. This morning, I woke up feeling amazing and decided to make one. I’m sorry I don’t have exact measurements or anything, I honestly just put in the blender whatever looked like a good amount of each ingredient. The smoothie turned out just as good as the one I got from the organic truck. If you like smoothies I would definitely suggest trying this!    


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