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#Pretty4ABlackGirl Summit by: PurposefullyPretty Inc.

Today I went to the #Pretty4ABlackGirl Summit presented by the non-profit organization, PurposefullyPrettyInc. I’ve mentioned this amazing organization before and I will continue to do so because what they are doing is beyond phenomenal! I love seeing black people, especially girls/women, come together and empower one another. Diamond Craig is the founder who I met around the time I moved to NY. I knew then we would have to keep in contact! There was food, good music, and positive vibes all around me today. I met so many dope people and was able to talk about a lot with them.

At first, we broke out into groups and talked about different topics that come up when being a black woman. Some of the topics ranging from “The Kardashians/Jenners and Cornrows”, “Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj vs. Lauryn Hill & Erykah Badu”, and “White Women Do It Better”.The second picture below shows me talking about my groups topic, which was “Don’t Touch My Hair”. A lot of times at school and work, people are not use to the versatility of black women’s hair. We all have come across people who have asked to touch our natural hair; the answer is absolutely  not. We are not a freak show. We are not pets. You can look but don’t touch!

Afterwards, there was a panelist of young girls/women (high school,freshman year of college). I really enjoyed listening to what they had to say. They were really open and talked about things that go on in school. They also talked about how they deal with being a smart, beautiful, educated young woman. During the intermission, I talked to a girl who was fifteen years old and who asked a really good question to the panelist. We talked during the whole intermission. She told me about things her “friends” at school would say about her hair and her being a smart black girl. I told her she literally has so much life in front of her and can achieve anything she puts her mind to. She has a really bright head on her shoulders and I’m so glad we were able to discuss life, as well as her dreams. There was another young girl, who you can see in the third picture, who had so much to say! She made my heart smile and gave me so much life. She even talked about Donald Trump racist self!

There was a spoken word done; you guys know I really enjoyed that! I also bought jewelry from a designer,who I will discuss is a post coming soon. Lastly there was a panelist of women around my age. They talked about being black women working in corporate America and black women in school chasing her dreams. Hearing from them really touched me because I’m in that same position; a hard working successful woman in corporate America, where a lot of people ultimately do not want us to be there. A lot of times there are very few of us in our divisions at work/school but we still manage to shine through!  I just want to give a big thank you to PurposefullyPretty Inc. for having this summit. It was a great opportunity for women of all ages to talk, network, and uplift each other.


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