Spring 2016 Outerwear Trends

Spring 2016 Outerwear Trends

On social media, in stores, and even walking down the street you’ll come across these important Spring 2016 outerwear trends. Denim, oversized dusters, camo, bombers, and sleeveless vests are just a few of the major outerwear trends you will be seeing during this season. 
Denim – For either women or men, denim jackets are classic. I can remember them being popular when I was a little kid in the 90’s; things haven’t changed much. The thing about denim jackets are you can just throw them on and go. Honestly, how can you go wrong? Almost all fashion forward retailers are carrying them right now. I bought a denim jacket from H&M that I thought I loved, until I realized it was somewhat cropped. I really just wanted a basic denim jacket. I might have to get one from the men’s section in XS. Women wear denim jackets with a pair of cool sneakers or booties. It all depends on what look you’re going for. 
Oversized Dusters – You can keep it classy and simple with this outerwear piece. I have about three oversized dusters. I know that may be excessive but I need variety! Two are solid colors (red and grey) and the other is printed (pale pink with blue/yellow birds) . I’m not too sure what it is but something about these coats can instantly give your outfit that pop it needs. With nice pants, on your way to work or with your favorite jeans, an oversized duster in your closet is a necessity this spring. 
Camo / Cotton Twill – I’ve always been the biggest fan of camo print ANYTHING! I’m very iffy and particular about what the camo print looks like for me to wear it though. Distressed camo is the best! It gives that rugged, worn out look. I just know which prints I like and which ones I don’t. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of camo jackets everytime I go shopping. As long as you pair it with the right jeans, you’re good! 
Bombers – This might be the most popular trend of them all. It feels like one day I was walking down the street, and every young, hip person had one on in olive or black. It’s like they came out of no more! I remember when this trend was popular years ago, but as you know, in fashion, everything seems to resurface. Women, men, and even kids have bombers on now! Even though olive, navy, and black are the most popular colors, I’ve seen them in other colors, including pastels. I’m so here for the pale pink bombers. It’s like you have this edgy jacket but in such a feminine color. Most recently I’ve been seeing bombers with patches on them. If you’re creative enough, you can easily go to Michaels, to buy patches and add them to your jacket. It’s so dope! 
Sleeveless vests – Yesterday and today I’ve been able to pick up two sleeveless vests from my job! I’ve been looking for the perfect black one; I couldn’t be happier I found it! Sleeveless vests are so versatile. You can literally be going to a business meeting and wear a nice blouse and heels author or a weird t-shirt and some Chucks or Vans with it. It’s really up to you! 

MANGO collar jacket
$70 –

Fat Face long sleeve jacket
$63 –

Topshop camoflauge jacket
$63 –

Pilot khaki jacket
$39 –

One button blazer
$2.81 –

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