Confidence is Key!

   So I’ll be honest with you guys, lately I haven’t really been feeling myself like I usually do. My whole life I’ve had pretty great skin. I didn’t have acne at all when I was going through puberty or anything like that. All of sudden, recently, I started to break out on my forehead and my chin. I was so upset! All I kept asking myself was where did these nonsense come from? Some of my friends have asked me, why don’t you wear foundation?  I do wear BareMinerals Matte foundation sometimes but I don’t want to cover up my dark spots, I want them to go away! I hate seeing women with their face super duper caked up with make up so that when they take it off you can’t even recognize them. 

   I tried a raw honey, brown sugar, and lemon scrub but ironically found out my face and honey do not mix; I had an allergic reaction, which wasn’t cute at all. I also tried putting lemon juice  on a cotton ball and applying it to my face. This did help lighten the dark spots but I wasn’t persistent at all. I should have been doing it on a regular basis but I didn’t. Being persistent is important with everything in life because if you’re not persistent, you’ll never see positive results. So on Friday I started a new regimen that I have been following through with every morning and night. 

   Apple cider vinegar is my new bestfriend. I despise the smell so much, it’s not even funny but it actually works wonders on a lot of things. I had a really bad cold a few months ago, my Bestfriend/roommate made me take a shot of it. The next day the cold was gone. I had a mild case of food poisoning, took a shot and what do ya know? The next day I felt better. So after having her and a few other people mention apple cider vinegar to me it has been working. Using a cotton ball, I rob it on my face in the morning , let it sit for a few, and then rinse it off with warm water. I do this at night as well.  Also, at night I’ve been using aloe vera gel. I’ll rub it onto my dark spots, go to sleep, and rinse it off when I wake up. It makes my skin so incredibly soft. I’m starting to see a difference and I’m happy! 

With my mom’s sweet words and just thinking about it more, no matter what I’ll still be beautiful. I can’t let something like this tear down my confidence or self-esteem. I have so many reasons to smile so why not? With that being said, I’m going to keep a smile on me face every chance I get and acknowledge the fact that regardless of any bumps or darks spots, with all this melanin, I GOT BLACK GIRL MAGIC! 

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