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Fashionista’s – “How to Make It in Fashion”

Last night I went to an event called “How To Make It in Fashion”. Every day I get emails from , letting me know about what’s new and going on in the fashion industry. definitely keeps me knowledgeable about the changes in fashion, as well as things I should be aware of since I work in the industry and plan to dabble in different aspects of it for forever. When I heard about “How To Make It in Fashion”, I signed up immediately! Michelle Lee, Allure magainze’s Editor in Cheif, would be speaking about her experience in fashion and answering questions. What better way to learn what you need to do in an industry you love than from someone who’s successful and has been in that industry for years?

Even though I already work in fashion, of course I want to grow every chance I get. I thought this would also be a great networking event; I was right! I had a really good time. Michelle touched on a lot of topics from her past, her future, and how fashion in the aspect of media has changed. Hearing her talk about fashion gave me a deeper inside perspective and made me think about a lot of things I needed to do to better myself and my future. Learning is the key! I recommend anyone to constantly go to networking events that pertain to what you love. Events like these are so beneficial and you soak in so much info!

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