Yesterday’s News

I’ve been busy, busy, and busy with this adventurous life of mine. I can’t complain though. I’d much rather be busy than bored, any day! 

When getting ready for work yesterday, I knew I didn’t have any meetings so I didn’t need to be dressed up but I still wanted to look cute, of course. One thing was for sure, my curls were on fleek ! You know when you don’t feel like you did anything different to your hair  but somehow you’re having an amazing hair day? Yup, that was me yesterday! Denim on denim is always a tough one for me because I’m so particular about color coordination and it really needs to look right together. Luckily, this denim button down top that I got from Forever 21 so many years ago goes perfectly with my H&M skinny jeans. My coat is from Zara. Love it! I’ve had it for a over a year and I see they’ve repeated this style in a maroon color for fall. From a far it looks like it could be wool but in all actuality it feel like soft and comfy like sweatshirt material. 

There needs to be some color in my wardrobe to spruce it up; that’s where my shoes come into play. I’ve had these cuties since I graduated high school five years ago. My god-mom gave them to me as a graduation gift, being as though I was OBSESSED with Hello Kitty in high school. They are the perfect piece you need to give a basic look some excitement. Whenever I wear these I get questions and compliments about them!   

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