Throwback Thursday

Since it’s Thursday, I figured why not take a trip down memory lane to a night in my life I won’t forget. These pictures are from my 22nd birthday last year. I went to Relish, which is one of my favorite soul-food/Southern Cuisine restaurants in Philly. Their food is amazing, drinks are delicious, and the vibe is great for a date night or just a good time with your girls. A lot of my close friends came and celebrated with me; My mom has her own baking business so she came and surprised me with my favorite cake, Red Velvet! The cake had a slither of raspberry filing on the inside with chocolate frosting. That literally made my night!

To know me is to know I’m always doing something to my hair. I love, enjoy, and embrace change. I’ve cut my hair short twice and colored it three times. My motto is “it’s just hair, it’ll grow back”. If you want to cut or dye it, go for it; keep it healthy while doing this though! Length does not determine your beauty. My mom and my grandmom have had short hair since I can remember and they are beyond beautiful!

Just to let you guys know, my favorite hair style is a slicked-back low ponytail. For my 22nd and 23rd birthday, I had my hair styled this way by my amazing hair stylist. She’s literally the best in Philly; she does it all and slays everytime. My make-up was done by yours truly. I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to make-up. But if we’re talking about MAC lipstick and BareMinerals Original/Matte Foundation, I can kick some knowledge to you. My eyeshadow is from a Bobbi Brown pallete full of greys, silvers, nudes, and darker tones that my aunt bought me from Nordstrom. My lipgloss is Snob from MAC. Snob lipstick and lipglass stay in my purse because it’s not your average pink. I love the way it comes together with my skin tone so perfectly. 

When I ran across this dress on ASOS, I told myself I probably didn’t need it, but I had to have it. It fit like no other! I looked and felt so gorgeous. Sadly, this was the one and only time I’ve worn this dress so far. Everytime I look at it, it screams to me, WEAR ME AGAIN! I can’t let this beautiful dress go to waste so since the weather is getting nicer I will bring it out. My clutch was from Bloomingdales, made by Whistles; just a cute little two-shaded pink and metallic clutch on sale for $30. My shoes weren’t the shoes I had originally planned to wear but they were a basic pair of leather Nine West pumps! Since the weekend is coming up, I hope this is some inspo to go get dressed up and enjoy life!  


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