Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! I took this as I was leaving work after a very busy day. The weather is going to be so beautiful this week and I can’t wait! I’m usually always cold so the winter is not my favorite season. I had a part in my hair this morning but somehow, like usual, it decided to do its own thing and end up in my face. I’ve literally had this faux leather moto jacket from Forever 21 for YEARS! Moto’s are a staple piece and don’t go out of style. It isn’t falling apart or have any rips! My top has a barcode on it and says “Fashion Code”. I got it from Zara last year. Zara has some of the best t-shorts when it comes to cute fashion quotes, etc. ASOS is my go-to, so that’s where this khaki colored midi skirt is from. I had these skirt in 4 colors; clearly I’m obsessed! It’s just so basic but I can wear it to work , on a date, or out with my girls. 

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