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A Great Day for Hip-Hop


Friday was a great day for me when it comes to hip-hop! Right at midnight, before I went to sleep, I released Kendrick Lamar released his “untitled unmastered.” album. I promise you guys my friends and I called this! Recently, at night shows or awards, Kendrick has performed a few untitled songs. I can only imagine how crazy his volt is. He probably has thousands of amazing songs! I’ve been a Kendrick fan for a while now so hearing this album made me happy. I don’t have one favorite song but I love 2,4,6, and 7. Also, I thought it was dope how Swizz Beatz 5 year-old song Eygpt produced untitled 7. 

2 Chainz and Lil’ Wayne dropped a collab album called “Collegrove”. Lil’ Wayne is legendary, I don’t care what any says! He was the mixtape King. When I was in high school I lived for his mixtapes! It felt like a new one would come out every month. 2 Chainz is a cool rapper. His lyrics are always catchy. His story as a person is crazy too! I haven’t listened to the album all the way through yet but I’ve heard it was really good. 

Bas from Dreamville Records released his second album, “Too High to Riot”. I had heard of Bas before and decided to download his album. I’m so glad I did! I love it. I wish I started listening to his music sooner. Friday all I did was go back and forth through my headphones between his album and Kendrick’s. His song Housewives and Night Job (feat. J Cole) are my favorites! Yesterday he had an event for album and I was so upset I wasn’t able to go! So if you haven’t checked out these three albums, please go do so! You won’t be disappointed. 

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