Spring Ready 

Yesterday the weather was amazing in NYC. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear since it was almost sixty degrees out. I’ve had this coat from H&M for over a year and I’ve only worn it once. It’s powder pink with birds on it. I’m not a bird person, at all, but something about this coat caught my eye the day I saw it so it had to be mine. My top didn’t need to be anything special since the coat had enough going on; it’s just a simple white bottom down from ASOS. It’s versatile because I can wear it to work when I have meetings or put it on with jeans like I did yesterday. I love distressed jeans! I promise you guys I’ve had these jeans since I was in high school and I have no idea how I can still fit them. The rips have become bigger and bigger but they’re still my favorite jeans that I own. They’re not too loose but not too tight. Surprisingly they are from Hollister. I haven’t shopped there since I was in high school but I can’t let go of these jeans! My booties are from Steve Madden. I got a great deal on them!

My friend had recently told me about the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.  Every month I write ten goals that I need to accomplish and going to a new museum was one of my goals for February. I figured this was the perfect day to go check it out. The museum was amazing! My degree is in fashion, I work in fashion, and I’ve taken design classes so I literally felt like I was in heaven at the museum. They have an interactive  pen you can use to stamp a symbol on each piece of art, which is then synced to a piece of paper with a barcode and your own code, so later you can see the art you stamped! How dope is that? I thought that was pretty cool. Also, they had a design room where you draw whatever you want on this board and it then comes up on the walls around you! I’ve been telling everybody about this museum and will definitely be going again.

Right next to the museum was Central Park. I’ve been writing poetry since I was in middle school but recently started back up again. If I’m on the train and don’t have my notebook with me, I hide poems  in my phone until I can write it down with pen and paper. Poetry helps me in so many ways! It’s much easier for me to convey my feelings though words; I can write a dope love letter or poem about/for you! When I’m feeling down but rather not talk to anyone about it, right to my notebook is where I go! That’s what I did yesterday. I just sat in the park and wrote for a while. I’m definitely going to do that more often, especially since spring is around the corner!


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