PurposefullyPrettyInc. – Girls Taking Action 

In September, I went to a networking event where I met Diamond Craig, Founder & CEO of PurposefullyPrettyInc, a non profit organization in Queens, seeking to teach and inspire young women. She was so sweet & down to Earth! We had a lot of great conversations about life, natural hair, and what business matters we were currently working on. I knew we would definitely keep it touch! When Diamond told me about PurposefullyPrettyInc. I thought what her and the other ladies apart of the organization were doing was amazing! A few months later, Diamond came to me with really nice words, asking me to write my story, and explain how I am a Girl Taking Action. That meant so much to me and still does 💕 Please go follow this amazing organization @PurposefullyPretty_Inc, go to their website at PurposefullyPrettyInc.org/blog to read my story and the many other Girls Taking Action! ✊🏾#blackgirlmagic 

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