Happy 69th Birthday Aunt Mary 💜

My aunt was one of the sweetest people ever. Her smile is unforgettable because she always had it on everytime I saw her. Not even once had I seen her upset or yell at anyone. My favorite hobby was shopping. She was the true definition of a shopaholic. If I could only explain to you how much jewelry and clothing she had you’d be astonished. Also, purple was her favorite color and she loved cheetah print. 

One of the worst feelings is seeing someone you love in pain and there’s nothing you can do about it. A week before Christmas my aunt lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. She bought me so much jewelry and accessories but I was also able to keep some of hers. Everyday since she’s been gone I wear at least one of her rings, watches, earrings; something that belonged to her or she gave to me to know she may not physically be here but she’s always here in spirit. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary 💜 We all love and miss you dearly! #FCancer  

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