Gucci Bamboo

I may have a new favorite fragrance! I use to live for Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works scents only. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with their scents; if it smells good I’ll buy it but they just don’t last as long. I worked at Bloomingdales for almost two years and I was constantly using my discount every chance I got. While there I bought Gucci Flora perfume. It’s in a gold/black bottle and smells like heaven. I would always get compliments on how good I smelled whenever I wore it. It lasted me a good amount of time but two weeks ago I ran out! 

I went right to Bloomies to buy some more and of course with my luck, they had ran out. The employees kept telling me that Gucci Bamboo smelled a lot better and was the best seller; I wasn’t sure if they were being honest or just wanted me to buy something. They got me; I gave in and bought the Gucci Bamboo eau de parfum. I didn’t want to get a big bottle until I knew I loved it. As soon as this runs out I will be back to get the bigger bottle. Gucci Bamboo actually does smell better than Flora. If you put this on and go talk to your crush, maybe even give him a hug, you two will be together next week! It smells that good.  Tory Burch’s original scent and Diasy Dream by Marc by Marc Jacobs are some more of my go-to’s. It’s hard for me to describe what Bamboo smells like but just know it’s good, if you don’t already know!  

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