Airy Blue 

Airy Blue

   You may be surprised to see such a soft color like this in Pantone’s Fashion Report for Fall. Lighter colors have been appearing more frequently in fall seasons. I love it! Just because the weather isn’t as great as spring or summer, doesn’t mean you have to wear dark colors. Airy Blue was seen a lot on the runways during fashion week. Designers like Gypsy Sport, used this color as a solid in one of their garments. Oscar de la Renta used this color in a fur vest which acted as a layering piece over a lace dress. Free is a feeling I get when I look at this color. The look I created puts Airy Blue into perspective. It’s just relaxing and soothing. 

   When I came up with this look, simple and chic is what this look is giving! Miss Selfridge Blue Ribbed 90s Halter is a versatile piece itself. You could wear it with jeans, like I did, or with a tube midi skirt. I love faux fur. I thought the plain fur coat was a cute piece to add to the look. Silver jewelry and accessories bring everything together. I included the pink lipstick, nail polish, and phone case so that the look wasn’t completely blue. 

Miss Selfridge shirts top

Blue coat

Treesje pocket purse

Eshvi diamond bangle
$12,410 –

Kenneth jay lane earrings
$160 –

Miu Miu belt

Apple iphone case
$5.63 –

Nars cosmetic

Essie nail polish

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