Blogger and the Brand

Almost three weeks ago, I started a new job. It’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for, and I’ve already learned so much! Since my manager knew I had my own blog in addition to working on the company’s blog, she asked me if I would like to attend a blogging event called “Blogger and the Brand”, hosted by OmbreDigital. How could I turn that down? It would be a great opportunity to meet new people, and tell the company I work for and it’s blog, and also tell them about me and my personal blog. I recently did some online shopping at ASOS, and ordered this grey turtleneck. Growing up I disliked turtlenecks with a passion. My grandmother always tried to make me wear them, and I wasn’t going for it. But they’ve been trending since the fall, so I decided to purchase one. It fits very nicely, and I can dress it up or down. My pants are also from ASOS. I’ve had my eye on these for quite some time. I’m obsessed with the color, and wide leg pants always look amazing on tall women. They really show off my length, which I have no problem with! Someone thought my bag was designer and I told her my little secret, it was only $40 from DSW. I’m such a bag lady, I live for a nice handbag! 

Monday night came and we had an unexpected snow/rain storm in NYC, but that wasn’t going to stop me! I went to the event, which was at Sushisamba, in West Village, and the ambiance was breathtaking! The ceiling, lights, tables, fireplace… Even the bar looked amazing! Can you tell I had a wonderful time? I always enjoy going to networking events because I get to meet open-minded people with interests similar to mine. 

I’m from Philadelphia, and I met a few women who either also grew up there or went to school in Philly, which was really cool. I found myself complimenting so many of the other bloggers there because their outfits were on point! No surprise, though. I mean, you kind of have to be fashionable when working in fashion, right? 

Another thing I enjoyed at the event was that I was able to say I blog both personally and for my job. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m excited for more events like that in the future! 


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