Classic Man

Classic Man

Never have I ever done a men’s look before but hey, there’s a first time for everything! 🙂 I’m familiar with a handful of men’s brands but not a lot; this gives me the opportunity to learn more! I could see a cutie wearing this on his way to work in the morning; obviously not in this weather because it’s FREEZING but maybe in the Spring or Fall when it’s nicer out. This look is so simple but seeing a man in this shows that he knows a little something about fashion and has good taste in clothing. I’ve noticed when he takes the time out to get presentable to go to work or even a date, it says A LOT about him.

MKI Miyuki Zoku men s jacket
$94 –

Nixon men s watch
$260 –

Burberry men s dress shirt
$400 –

Rawlings men s bag

Men s wallet

Paul Smith men s hat
$79 –

Nautica men s belt

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