FORMATION ~ Black Girl Magic

You guys just do not understand, I am so here for Beyoncé and everything she’s doing right now. Yesterday evening, around 4pm, I was in my room trying to be productive when I saw a million tweets about Beyoncé’s new song/video. PAUSE. WAIT. WHAT? I quickly clicked the first link I could find to watch it and replayed it about ten times, nonstop. This is the first time that Beyoncé has made a song where she is unapologeticallya black and I LOVE IT! She discusses our melanin, our features, as well as clips of people from New Orleans. This is a new anthem to make African American women really aware of beautiful being black is.

She says “I like my baby’s hair,with baby hairs and afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.”It is clear that she is letting everyone know she is no way concerned when people talk negatively about Blue Ivy’s hair. She is also expressing how our natural hair and strong, black features are flawless. We often get teased or talked about because of her darker skin, wide noses, full lips; Beyonce is saying she likes it so we need to embrace it. My friends, my sisters, and I can all listen to this song and feel empowered. Formation, in my mind, means as black women we all should walk together and encourage one another. One part of the video has Beyoncé with her dancers and they each have on Gucci one-of-a-kind GG and Web bodysuits. All her dancers had natural hair which was super dope! The ending had the little boy KILLING the dance moves with the black hoodie on like Trayvon Martin. The cops were in front of him and the wall had spray painted writing on it saying “Stop Shooting Us”, which ties into every bit of craziness that has been going on with cops and black men/women in the past years. The timing of this video couldn’t be more perfect. We were given a glipse of her Southern roots. This past week, her sister Solange, was given the key to New Orleans. Also, last week was Mardi Gras which is held where? You guessed it; New Orleans!

Tonight she performed at the Super Bowl 50 with Bruno Mars and Coldplay, where she slayed again! When does the Queen ever fail us? First of all, all her dancers were dressed like Black Panthers. During the performance they all made an “X” form, which I heard was to reference Malcolm X who was a huge black rights campaigner. Her outfit was a custom piece by the designers of DSQUARED2. It was paying homage to Michael Jackson, who wore a very similar jacket when he performed at the Super Bowl in 1993. Beyoncé accessorized with over 100 karats of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds on her bodysuit, leather jacket, and jewelry. Right after she performed, “The Formation World Tour” was announced. The pre-sale tickets start on Tuesday, February 9th. I need to make it my business to be at that concert when she comes to NYC. Last, but certainly not least, it has been rumored that she will be dropping an album tonight. All of this greatness is just too much for my heart right now. ALL HAIL QUEEN BEY!