47th NAACP Image Awards 2016

I love watching the NAACP Image Awards. It makes me so proud to be African American and see so many talented people of color. The NAACP Image Awards gives me much hope,inspiration, and motivation to be amazing; despite the many adversities we may face, we still can, will, and do shine. Black excellence is the only way I can describe how everyone presented themselves at the awards last night. Usually, I can pick a handful of people that make me wonder who in the world their stylist is and if they have one, they need to be fired. But that wasn’t the case last night. From actresses, to actors, to comedians, to directors, and artists, everyone showed out!


Kerry Washington in Victoria Beckham gown





Gabrielle Union in Rita Vinens


Tika Sumpter in Elie Saab


Jada Pinkett-Smith in Marchesa



Anybody who knows me knows how much I love this man. Michael B. Jordan won awards for Entertainer of the Year and Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture. He is extremely talented, and very very handsome too. Both awards were well deserved. I remember when he played my favorite series on HBO ever, “The Wire”, as Wallace. When he played Oscar Grant in the biographical film “Fruitvale Station”, he captured my heart. He played that role so well. I could not stop crying in the movie theater. Even though, with many attempts to go see “Creed”, I still have not seen it. A lot of my family and friends have seen it though it said it was great, again, he played the role flawlessly. Ryan Coogler, who directed both “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed”, won an award for both Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture (Film) and Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture (Film). This made me so happy for a few reasons. Ryan Coogler is a brilliant, young, black man, who does not get the credit he deserves; last night it was finally given. Until 2017 I will be anxiously waiting to see the movie “Black Panther”, which he has also written and directed.




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