2016 – New Opportunities 

2016 started off a little rocky but it has recently turned around for the better.  I kept claiming this year would be a good year (you have to speak positivity into existence). Since I graduated and moved to NY, I’ve been trying my hardest to find a job I actually like and it will help me step foot into the fashion world. I’ve worked in retail for years so I’ve been involved in fashion before but being in corporate is what I’ve been dreaming of doing for forever. Last week my dreams came true. The day before my 23rd birthday I was offered a job I’ve been waiting so long for! I was so happy. Today was my first day and it was so amazing! I always had something to do and in just one day I already learned so much. I’m so excited to be starting something new and continuing my growth in the fashion industry. When I left my previous job, I knew I would miss my coworkers. We would always crack jokes and have a good time together. On my last day, they got me cupcakes, banana pudding, and a gift to Amazon (since I love to read) to say goodbye! That meant so much to me. I’m going to miss them but we have a group chat that keeps me in tears of laughter everyday, so I know we will all keep in touch.  As I mentioned, I turned 23 last week. The snow completely ruined my plans but it’s okay because I received so much love on my birthday it was crazy! So many nice messages and phone calls, that really made my day. I just relaxed  with my friends for the weekend in my apartment and stuffed my face with food/sweets. Rihanna dropped a single with Drake today called “Work” from her album Anti, which I can’t wait for ! Everybody has been waiting for her to release something. I was listening to it the whole time on my break. I’m just convinced this year will be nothing less than wonderful!!! 

– Peace & Blessings 


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