Ty-Lite…The Selfie Phone Case 


Ty Hunter Introduces Selfie Ty-Lite Phone Case

Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s stylist who always keeps her looking amazing, just recently introduced us to one of the smartest/greatest accessories for this generation. As you know, social media is huge right now; taking a great selfie may be even bigger. Ty-Lite is a LED lighted phone case that gives you the perfect shine all around so your selfies have that light we are always looking to achieve. It comes in three different colors: Warm, Cool, and Brilliant; each color helps to give you the specific light you may be looking for. A good majority of the time when I can’t get my selfie right, it is because of the lighting. I will go to where I know the best lighting is in my apartment to take a good selfie. With this new accessory, that’s not necessary. Everybody who has or gets this phone case selfies will be “on fleek”. The phone case is also great because it’s thick enough to protect your actual phone. Ty-Lite is currently available. It is compatible with iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/6Plus, as well as Galaxy 6S. Technology is evolving right before our eyes and it’s amazing to me! 

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