Natural Face Remedy 

Recently I tried a new homemade natural face remedy, which involves putting lemon juice on my face to get rid of the dark spots I have. All my life I’ve had nice, clear skin, until recently, when I began noticing bumps on my forehead and chin, which later turned into dark spots. 

Apparently, the acids and other natural properties in lemons help heal acne and lighten your skin. In the past, I tried a homemade face mask that contained raw honey, brown sugar, and olive oil. I tried it three times before realizing raw honey and my face simply do not mix! Each time I used it, my face broke out in all in itchy hives. I’m not quite sure what it is about honey. I put it in my tea each morning, so I’m not allergic but, for some reason, my face just can’t handle it. 

The lemon juice has been working, though! I’m starting to see the dark spots lightening. You have to be consistent and do it everyday, for at least two weeks, and you have to keep you face clean. If you are having issues with acne and/or dark spots on your skin, I highly recommend you try this natural remedy for noticeable results! 

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