Meth & Mary

You’re all I need to get byYou know I can be a little shy 

But the day you caught my eye

I had to say hi

How could I just let you pass

My heart was beating so fast

Your name, I had to ask

I knew this convo wouldn’t be our last

Now look at us

Even though sometimes we fuss

It’s been smooth sailing, no rush

Started as a little crush 

When you leave, your touch I miss

Your soft, full lips I just wanna kiss

Pure bliss

Who knew it would be like this? 

God knew! 

He said Ima bring together these two 

Show everybody what a power couple really do 

You’re there for me, I’m here for you 

Our connection is crazy 

No Jodeci, but I’m forever your lady 

And like Ne-Yo said, this love gets a little lazy

Doesn’t matter if the sky gets hazy 

I’m always down to ride

Right by your side

Laws of love, I’ll abide 

With you, my feelings choose not to hide 

We’re free

I’m the honey, you’re the bee 

You need me like the lemon in my black tea

You can’t even imagine what you mean to me

Since nothing’s perfect my eyes have shed some tears

My heart has faced some fears 

But together we say our prayers

Good and bad times we share 

This love

So special to speak of

I just look up above

And Thank God for you, your flaws, your strengths, and your gifts 

So sweet and swift 

Won’t let anything make us drift

Crush to love, we shift 
– A.

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