Fall Fashion

MAC Fall Favorites 

I’m not a big make-up person but I love a good lipstick! You can’t go wrong with it. Sometimes I just put lipstick on, no other make up, and go about my day feeling good and looking good too.Since MAC is so close to my job and they have a wide variety of colors, somehow a good majority of my lipsticks are from there. I decided to choose these three as my fall favorites; Cyber, Diva, and Stone. The pictures of me below show me wearing each color in the order it is listed above. I’ve had Cyber for a while now and only wear it for special occasions. When I wear it, I feel like Lauryn Hill back in the 90s. That’s when a lot of women were wearing dark lipstick colors. It’s a very deep purple and I love it! It goes perfectly with my skin tone as well. Since it’s a satin, it’s makes my lips very smooth and soft. Every woman needs a red lipstick in her life. Diva is the perfect shade of red for fall. It’s a maroon, which works great with olive green, navy, and black clothing. I always get compliments when I wear Diva. Stone, I had a hard time getting this color. Everytime I went to MAC to purchase it, it was sold out! Similar to Diva, both colors are matte lipsticks. Sometimes I add a tad bit of lipgloss or Vaseline to add some shine. Stone looks amazing on all skin colors. I also sometimes wear Bittersweet or Cheatnut lipliners from MAC with Stone which adds an a ombre, dark to light, look on my lips.    


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