Halloween 2015 – Thug Kitty

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween. My grandmom wasn’t having it, at all. If my school would have a Halloween party I would dress up, but not until I was in high school did I actually go out trick or treating. It’s not really that significant to me but I do have fun dressing up as something or someone and going out with my friends. Yesterday I went to a 90’s themed day party! I live and breathe 90’s music; about 85% of the music on my phone consists of 90’s hip-hop/ r&b. The party was fun! I saw so many creative costumes like Mary J. Blige in the all black from “Not Gon’ Cry” video, which is probably my favorite MJB song and is also on the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies “Waiting to Exhale”. A lot of people did different characters from A Different World. One girl was Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and she killed it! A group of 4 girls were had Wu-Tang shirts from the song “Ice Cream” so French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe, and Caramel Sundae; LOVED IT! Another group dressed in Space Jam uniforms and even had water bottles to match. It was amazing to see so much creativity and it gave me a blast from the past! I decided to be the girl version of Tupac; I’m sure he would be very proud of he was still alive. We already have the matching nose rings so after that It really wasn’t hard at all for me to come up with the look. I had a simple black crop top on from Zara, so I was able to show off my “Thug Life tattoo” that my friend wrote for me using my eyeliner pencil. I wore baggy jeans, which are probably my favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans that I’ve had for YEARS from Hollister, with a flannel from Forever 21 wrapped around my waist. There are a bunch of beauty supply stores near my apartment so I went to one and found the biggest bamboo earrings possible and a bandana to complete the look. That night though I changed into a different look, a Kitty Kat! I looked for inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest to find out how to make my makeup look cute  and in a matter of 15-20mins my kitty kat face was finished! I used my eyeliner and a few eyeshadow palettes to create this face. I wore the same crop top, with a tulle black skirt, a leather jacket, and some Jordan’s (Bred 11s). Overall I had a fun Halloween with my girls and saw a lot of creativity throughout the city!   



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