StyleCareers Fashion Career Fair – NY

So last Thursday, October 22nd I was able to volunteer at the StyleCareers Fashion Career Fair. StyleCareers is the largest, fashion-only job listing site on the Internet. I get emails from them everyday about job openings in specific aspects of fashion in which I am looking to start my career. They are linked with some of the best brands/companies/temp-agencies in the fashion industry. Target, Marc Jacobs, Talbots, Steve Madden, and FourthFloor were just a few names of the amazing companies they had at the career fair. It was an amazing experience being able to work this event and see the wonderful turn out. There were a lot of people who showed up looking for a new job in their current career field or hoping to make a career change. We were required to wear all black for this event, which was okay with me, being as though I wear black everyday to work. But still, I had to go out and buy something new. They gave us t-shirts  when we got there that said “StyleCareers” in bold, silver and pink lettering. I wore a basic black tank from Old Navy underneath since I’m always cold. Bloomingdales brand Aqua has the cutest tulle skirts this season so I had to get it for the event! I’ve noticed tulle skirts have become popular in the past few months, with more and more brands carrying them. On my feet are my Kenneth Cole booties I talked about in a previous post. I needed to add some color somewhere so I wore my favorite lipstick, Flat Out Fabulous by MAC. My pearl jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelets) were all put together to had a classy touch to my look.  

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