Tis’ The Season

For the past month I’ve been searching for the perfect black booties for the fall/winter seasons. A huge problem I have with a lot of booties & boots is that the higher they are, the more room it is around my leg; since my legs are so skinny! The booties/boots can fit my foot perfectly but at a glance it’ll look like it is two sizes too big. I tried a few pairs from Sam Edelman and Steven by Steve Madden, which again both were extremely cute but just not working for me. Luckily, I found these babies at my job. They are called “Punch 2 Soft Ankle Booties” by Kenneth Cole. Majority of the bootie is leather with neoprene detailing throughout the top and the sides of the bootie. The thick, platform heel makes them easier to walk in and comfortable. I wore them to work for an eight hour shift and only took them off for a little more than an hour. The original price is $129 but I was able to get them for $60! Ladies, make sure this fall/winter seasons you are purchasing booties and boots that are comfortable, affordable, and stylish!  


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