Great Buy! 

I just recently made one of the best purchases of my life! Months ago, during the spring, I saw these booties in Aldo. They came in this firey red/orange color, nude, and black. Since I do not own any shoes this color it caught my eye automically. They were priced at $90, which isn’t that bad, but I was ballin on a budget so I figured I should wait until the price went down. If they were really meant to be, I’d have them. Well let me just say, it was meant for me to have them. An Aldo Outlet store just opened in South Jersey so I figured I should go check it out since I’m a huge fan of Aldo’s shoes, accessories, and handbags. I looked around the store and saw a bunch of cute heels, booties, and flats that would be great for my collection and then my eyes met with these babies once again! On the bottom of the shoe, the price read $45, that’s definitely do-able! I usually wear a 9 but depending on the shoe I can fit into a 8 and a half. They fit perfectly! I texted my Bestfriend so excited about these shoes because she understands my love for a good shoe. But wait, it gets better. I go to pay for them, the employee is talking to me about how cute the color and style are, and I’m explaining how I’ve been dying for these shoes. Come to find out, they were discounted even farther to $31 dollars! My day was officially made. My dream shoe was more than half of its original price. I’m so glad I waited to get them. This color is great for fall and winter. It’s such a “pop” color. Can’t wait to pull these babies out soon!  

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