Just my thoughts lately…

This is one of my favorite albums, hands down. J Cole was the first rap artist in twenty-five years to make an album with NO features, just him. I’ve been in love with him since Friday Night Lights and have been here every step of the way as a fan to watch his growth. J Cole isn’t your usual rapper. He speaks about a lot of relatable subjects that I can vibe to. This song in particular really means a lot to me. St. Tropez describes my life right now to a T. If you sit, think, dig a little deeper into the lyrics of this song you’ll understand exactly what J Cole is saying. Being a recent college graduate, I knew job hunting would be hard and stressful, nothing worth having comes easy, but gosh! I’m such a perfectionist and I want everything to come out exactly how I invision it, which most of the time does not happen. Patience is something I’m working on and that I need a lot more of. I beat myself up sometimes for not being exactly where I would hope to be at the tender age of 22 but when I listen to this song I feel a sense of relief because I’ve already come so far. Leaving a city I’ve known my whole life to a much bigger, faster paced city, is already a big accomplishment within itself because other people might not have been as willing as I was to drop everything. Believe me I was nervous and sometimes I still am, making sure I made and make the right decisions in life so that I can create a better future for myself and my family. But what I’ve learned is that every successful person has gone through a rough patch or patches to get where they are now. Everything will work out for the best as long as you stay focused, motivated, and determined.  

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