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Jay-Z Decoded 

As I sit here right now, I’m in my apartment blasting the “Intro to JAY Z” playlist from Apple Music. This playlist includes random, but just a select few of my favorite Jay-Z songs. I just finished reading “Decoded” , that I’ve had for some time now. Jay-Z is ultimately my favorite rapper of all time. I can remember my parents listening to his music when I was younger and it stuck with me. The lyrics, the beats, everything was and still is just memorizing to me. In my eyes, nobody quite compares to this man. He’s extremely talented, a genius and very smart businessman. This book is not just for people who respect/like/love Jay-Z on a music level, but also for people trying to get into the music industry and people aspiring to start their own business one day. Jay-Z gives a lot of insight on his life, past, present, including many personal experiences. The fact that he included many of his song lyrics into this book and breaks them down for us is great! I love almost all his songs and so many times I find myself wondering what exactly he meant. Decoded gave me the opportunity to feel even more connected and understand better what he meant by some of his lyrics. Some connections he makes in his lyrics I had no idea he was referencing something else, like wow how creative! This definitely has been one of the best books I’ve read in a while. To see everything he’s been through and done to get where he’s at today is simply amazing to me. Jay-Z is from Brooklyn,NY which is where I’ve just recently moved to, leaving all my family and most of my friends back home, to pursue my career in the fashion industry. This book has given me so much hope and motivation that I can be successful and accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Thank you Mr. Shawn Carter!  

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