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Meek Mill – Dreams Worth More Than Money

Almost a week ago, on June 29th, Meek Mill released his sophomore album titled “Dreams Worth More Than Money”. I preordered the album so as soon as it came out it would already be on my phone, for me to just chill and listen. Being as though Meek is from Philadelphia, like myself, and he’s been grinding so hard to get to the top I have to support his hustle! His first album “Dreams and Nightmares” was a crazy! Whenever you hear that intro you have no choice but to get hype. I was told it’s the new Jay-Z Public Service Announcement. I can see that because when that beat drops you just go crazy. After that album I wasn’t sure how Meek was going to top that. I’ve heard different reviews of the album but I LOVE IT! You can hear his growth as an artist in his songs on this new album. This album is more than hardcore rap lyrics. The beats on this album are everything, I don’t get how you can not vibe with it. He has a lot of great features including Swizz Beatz, Jeremih, Future, Drake, Rick Ross, The Weeknd, Diddy, Chris Brown, and his rapper girlfriend Nicki Minaj. I really don’t have a favorite song because I can literally sit and listen to whole album but the songs I’ll listen to more frequently are Lord Knows (great way to start off the album) , R.I.C.O., Bad for You, Jump Out the Face, I Got the Juice, Ambitionz, and Check. If you haven’t already, I would go take a listen to Meek’s sophomore album “Dreams Worth More Than Money”. 

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