Because I’m…

Because I'm...

Happy is the emotion that should be felt when wearing this outfit! MANGO has become one of my favorite retailers. They carry a lot of simple pieces that can be worn with different things in your closet. This tank top is a prime example. It can be worn with pants, shorts, overalls, even a skirt. The French Connection pants are a cute coral color which has been a popular color during this spring/summer season. It goes well with the grey tank top. Classic pair of high top all white Converse All Stat Chuck Taylor’s flows with the simplicity of this look. Accessories are always essential. Tory Burch shoulder bags have been a big hit. By incorporating a neutral tones bag/bracelets, it’s perfection! I’ve seen a lot of women with hair chains on now a days and I love them. Using NARS as the main source of cosmetics for this look. This outfit is so simple but versatile because it’s classic pieces put together that can be worn for different settings. 

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